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BRUSOL IS BACK: solar panels and green power 100% free again

Making green electricity accessible to everyone is our mission. That is why we have made our Brusol model completely free again: the installation has always remained 100% free, but the consumed green electricity is now also 100% free again! Not for a little while, not temporarily, not as a promotion, but on a permanent basis, full stop.

What was it like before?

In 2018, we launched our free Brusol model: 100% free solar panels and 100% free green electricity for 25 years. We were able to make this possible thanks to the green power certificates issued by the Brussels Region, as this is how we recouped our investment. In addition, we were also compensated for the power we fed into the grid with our installations, this is also called injection. Before the energy crisis and the existence of our charging stations, that residual power didn’t use to be worth very much.

Five years later, at the beginning of 2023, the Brussels government unfortunately decided to cut green certificates substantially. Not only that, but the cost price of the installation has risen considerably over the years (more expensive raw materials, high inflation, wage indexations, and so on). Consequently, it was no longer manageable for Brusol to offer both free solar panels and free green electricity to Brussels households. The Brusol model became payable: the free solar panels remained, but we charged € 100 a year for the green electricity consumed.

Why is it free again now?

We noticed that the paying model, even though the rate was very advantageous, was a barrier for Brussels families to subscribe to our renewed formula. So we asked our customers why they hesitated. As it turned out, you would switch en masse if our model became completely free again, like before. And since our mission still is to make green power accessible to everyone, that is exactly what we have been working on over the past few months!

How is this possible?

To make our free formula possible again, we looked for another way to recoup the investment. EnergyVision has a broad energy and mobility offering, and we found the solution in-house. Brusol installs solar panels, but EnergyDrive (also a formula of EnergyVision) installs and operates electric charging stations. We now send the residual electricity produced by our solar installations one-to-one to our charging stations. This is more valuable than having to inject the residual power into the grid, where it is lost or bought and sold at dumping prices. With this link between the Brusol solar panels and the EnergyDrive charging stations, we can now better valorise the residual electricity. This allows us to drop the flat rate: we again have free solar panels and free green electricity for Brussels families!

What does the Brusol model look like again?

You have spoken, we have listened. Our Brusol model is completely free again. The conditions and contract are the same as before. That means:

  • 100% free solar panels (materials, installation, maintenance... everything is included, you pay nothing!)
  • 100% free green electricity (no flat rate, no fee, no cost to you at all!)
  • 25-year contract, after which you, the customer, become the owner of the installation

In conclusion, you are completely unburdened, you are sure to save money and you enjoy 100% free, green and local electricity.

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