Brusol installs your solar panels! Free of charge. How is this possible?

When we from Brusol in the Brussels-Capital Region invest in green electricity (and thus help reduce CO2 emissions), we recoup that investment via the green certificates issued by the Region (although they have been reduced at the beginning of 2023). 

That's why the installation remains 100% free for you, including the energy you consume. This way, you are assured of 30 years of guaranteed savings!

This format creates a win-win-win situation.

Everyone wins

All inhabitants of the Brussels-Capital Region benefit. Together, you and we help the Region meet its climate targets. We are also making our capital a little healthier and more environmentally friendly.

That way we can ensure clean air for future generations.

You win

You get free solar panels and free electricity that allows you to save a lot on your energy bill (depending on your consumption, from €250 to over €1,000 per year - even in these special times of sky-high energy prices). 

The installation itself is completely free. Brusol takes care of the installation, insurance, replacement of any defective material during 30 years and even the recycling at the end of the life span of the panels. You don't have to do anything, Brusol takes care of everything!

The installation really costs you nothing. No small print or hidden costs with us.

Brusol wins

We earn back the investments thanks to green certificates which we sell to energy suppliers. The taxpayer does not intervene in this. This allows us to install the systems 100% free of charge.

Free green energy in 3 steps

1. Register

  • Calculate your benefit, provide your contact details and we will mail you.
  • You will receive all the info via a digital meeting or at our showroom in Jette.
  • We will analyse your roof free of charge and measure everything on site.

2. Brusol installs

  • We install free of charge and in one day.
  • We request an independent AREI inspection of your installation at our expense.
  • We insure the installation for 30 years against fire, water and storm damage.

3. You save money

  • Without investing a single euro, you will enjoy ridiculously cheap green power.
  • We maintain and monitor the installation free of charge from day 1.
  • You are guaranteed to save for at least 30 years. 

Yes, I want free solar panels!

  • 100% free solar panels.

  • 100% green electricity.

  • 100% made in Brussels.


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Satisfied customers

Solar panels
Solar panels
"Very nice work and I can already see the difference in energy consumption thanks to the solar panels." (GANSHOREN)
RSC Anderlecht
Solar panels
Solar panels
"This project, full of sustainability and social commitment, is an example of how we as a club want to be in society." (ANDERLECHT)
Solar panels
Solar panels
"Very satisfied! Smooth contact with technical team. The installation went very smoothly." (ANDERLECHT)

Questions about Brusol solar panels?

On our extensive FAQ page you will immediately find the answer to your question.

Click here for the FAQ on solar panels

We build for you

  • ​​​​​Both flat and pitched roofs.
  • For pitched roof: East, south or west facing.

  • Shadow-free surface.

  • Roof still in good condition.

Large surfaces
  • Broad expertise.
  • Seventy of our people working in Brussels every day.

  • Fifty public buildings (sports halls, retirement homes, schools, etc.) and over a hundred SMEs in portfolio.

  • Market leader in the Region.

  • Buildings with one or more common counters.
  • Sufficient free roof space available.
  • Subject to the prior agreement of the syndicate and the co-owners.

Yes, I want free solar panels!

  • 100% free solar panels.

  • 100% green electricity.

  • 100% made in Brussels.


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