Let’s charge Brussels.

With our EnergyDrive formula, EnergyVision offers charging stations as-a-service.

EnergyVision finances everything. We install the charging stations or even place an entire charging square. Afterwards, everything is operated and monitored by us. As a customer, you are completely unburdened. The customer only pays for the kWh charged at a competitive rate. Moreover, our energy is 100% green and 100% local. It comes from our own renewable energy installations.

Because EnergyVision carries the investment and is also responsible for the energy supply, EnergyDrive is the best guarantee for a smoothly functioning charging infrastructure. Our formula can be used by governments, SMEs and people at home.

A comprehensive solution therefore, with 100% green electricity, without investing.
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Our charging stations can be found at charging points, at people' s homes and on the street.

We are rolling out our network of charging stations in the Brussels Region. All our charging stations are powered by green electricity that comes from our solar panels installed in the Region. 

With the EnergyDrive charging card, you can charge cheaply throughout Belgium. But you can also use it elsewhere in Europe at competitive rates.

You can always find a charging station nearby via our handy EnergyDrive app. Everything is done according to our familiar Brusol formula:

  • clear
  • simple
  • transparent
  • no surprises.

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BRUSSELS, 15/09/2021 - Brusol plans to install a thousand charging stations in Brussels in the coming months. Since the summer of 2018...

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