Our solar panels guarantee a top performance. After all, this is the only way we will earn back our investment. It is simple: if our products are not of the highest quality, they will not produce any power, you will not save anything, we will not generate any certificates and we will therefore lose our investment. We have no interest in that, quite the contrary. That is why we only put the very best quality on your roof.

Get to know our products below.

Solar panels

  • European approved.
  • Up to 410 Wp per solar panel. 
  • Brand new 'mono perc' technology, specially developed for low light or low sun (we are in Belgium...).


  • Compact and quiet (less than 25 dB).
  • Warranty for the entire contract period (replacement if defective).
  • Top quality.

1. Insurance included

  • Fire damage, water damage, theft.
  • Brusol is covered for damage and consequential loss for over 1 million euros (unless you live in a castle, the risks are always covered).

2. Maintenance included

  • We intervene as soon as the system displays an error message.
  • Production loss = free maintenance by Brusol.
  • Including replacement or repair of the inverter when it breaks down during the first 30 years.

3. Monitoring included

  • Free green energy meter.
  • 24/7 monitoring of your production by Brusol.
  • You receive monthly production reports by e-mail.
  • If you opt for the premium version, you can monitor your consumption and profits in real time via our customer portal (from 2024).

Yes, I want free solar panels!

  • 100% free solar panels.

  • 100% green electricity.

  • 100% made in Brussels.


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Questions about Brusol solar panels?

On our extensive FAQ page you will immediately find the answer to your question.

Click here for the FAQ on solar panels