About us

Brusol is an initiative of EnergyVision

Brusol is the market leader in the Brussels region.

Brusol is an initiative of the ISO-certified company EnergyVision, the largest industrial solar panel installer in Belgium. Not only do we have an international presence in countries such as Morocco and China. We also lay many thousands of installations in Belgium, and in our beautiful capital Brussels in particular. We have been the absolute market leader in the region since 2018.

We build installations on public buildings (retirement homes, schools, sports halls, etc.), but we also work very often on the roofs of SME's and meanwhile with several thousand families. In total, we employ 237 people (of whom more than 70 work in Brussels). Our teams have extensive expertise.

We invest in your green energy

Brusol invests in your solar panels. If you have a suitable roof, we will be happy to provide it with 100% free solar panels.

In this way, we hope to do our bit for a greener Brussels and together ensure the clean air that our capital city so desperately needs.

Thanks to the green certificate format, we can offer our services free of charge to residents of the Brussels-Capital Region.

Are you in?

Yes, I want free solar panels!

  • 100% free solar panels.

  • 100% green electricity.

  • 100% made in Brussels.


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