Brusol simulation tool

Calculate the extent to which Brusol solar panels protect you against the sky-high energy prices:

Energy prices are rising to unprecedented heights. Fortunately, you have solar panels from Brusol. So you have maximum protection against surprises on your energy bill. Even in times of sky-high energy prices, even after all the recent changes in the Brussels region. Below, you can simulate the effect of your Brusol solar panels based on a few simple parameters.

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Your calculation

Learn about the effect of your Brusol solar panels here.


Your annual electricity costs without Brusol solar panels:

€ [total-price-without-brusol]


Your savings thanks to the solar panels of Brusol:

€ [price-difference]*

*This amount is still an estimate based on estimated production and current energy prices.

Questions about the Brusol energy contract?

On our detailed FAQ page you will immediately find the answer to your question.

Click here for the FAQ about the Brusol energy contract