How do I become a customer of Brusol Energy?
I have a Brusol Energy contract, but I am moving house. What do I need to do?

If you are selling the house where the panels were installed by Brusol, please inform us before signing the deed of sale and provide the purchaser's contact details so that we can contact him/her. 
With regard to your energy supply contract (Brusol NRJ), we request that you hand over the completed and signed handover form to the new buyer during the inspection of the property.

When can I change suppliers?

At any time, but you must observe a notice period of one month between the request for activation of the contract and the actual departure date.

If I change suppliers, do I have to pay a cancellation fee?

No, there are no cancellation fees, even if you do not respect the end date of the contract.


How is the amount of my advance payment calculated?

It is calculated based on the estimated consumption of the network operator, which itself is based on your consumption history. 
You can adjust your prepayment in MyBrusol (available soon). 

How can I read the two-way meter?

We invite you to click on the green button of the two-way counter. On the digital display you can read the register and the index. 
The different registers : 
1.8.1 Day usage
1.8.2 Night consumption
2.8.1 Daytime injection
2.8.2 Night injection

Can I pay my bills by bank transfer?

No, only by direct debit.

When will I receive my advance invoice?

The advance invoices are sent in the middle of each month.

When is the account debited by direct debit?

On the due date of the invoice. For the advance invoice, this will always be at the beginning of the following month.

How often will I receive invoices?

You will receive a monthly advance invoice and once a year your settlement invoice after the annual meter reading.
It is possible that you will receive an interim settlement invoice (e.g. when you change your meter, when you change your meter configuration, when you change your supplier, etc.).


How do I make a price simulation?

By using our simulation tool (available soon).

Can I have fixed tariffs with Brusol Energy?

No, we only work with variable tariffs. The advantage is that you are not saddled with very high tariffs when the market price falls.

I want to change my meter configuration (dual to single or single to dual). What do I need to do?

You must read your meter and contact Sibelga (your network operator) to request the modification of your meter configuration. You will then receive a settlement invoice to close your tariff with the old configuration.