Solar panels

Plan 2030: Brusol/EnergyVision builds >2,700 MW of solar panels, the equivalent of the Doel nuclear power plants

JETTE, 15/09/2021 - Brusol/EnergyVision today unveiled its future plans during a roundtable discussion at its headquarters in the presence of several ministers from the federal and regional governments. With "Plan 2030", the aim is to build more than 2,700 MW of solar panels in our three core countries (Belgium, Morocco, China) between 2021 and 2030. That is the equivalent of all the nuclear power stations together in Doel.

As part of this programme, in the coming years we will be building 600 MW in Flanders and 120 MW in Brussels, as well as 1,400 MW in China (at present we have already built >350 MW).
The financing and insurance for the entire programme is almost completely worked out.
In this way, we are building a better world step by step.

In the group photo from front to back: Barbara Trachte (Secretary of State for Economic Transition- Brussels Capital Region), Maarten Michielssens (Group CEO  – EnergyVision), Vincent Van Peteghem (Minister of Finance – Belgium), Sven Gatz (Minister of Finance & Budget – Brussels Capital Region)
On the group photo left from back to front: Maqsud Bilal – (Chairman of the Board – EnergyVision), Karel De Gucht (Non-Executive Director – EnergyVision), Ivan Vertenten (CEO – Belfius Lease), Raphaël Lefere (CEO – Sibelga), Hassan Mourhit (CEO EnergyVision Morocco & Co-founder EnergyVision).
On the group photo right from front to back: Meghan Richil (Brusol Manager – EnergyVision), Karel Vanderputte (SME & Funded Solutions – Credendo), Didier Beauvois (Head of Corporate Banking – BNP Paribas Fortis), Eva Wirtz (Head of Business Banking  – Triodos), Franc Bogovic (Deputy CEO  – Finance & Invest Brussels).